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ACS Identity and Company Tagline
ACS Website
Tommy Thayer of KISS - Official Merchandise Packaging - 2009 KISS ALIVE 35 Tour
ANHOLT Technologies Identity
County National Bank - CNB, Mailer & Advertisement
Moore Research Website & Identity Rejuvenation
Erie Life Magazine Identity & Branding Guidelines
AMBER identity, retail packaging & website
Protein Factory Product Packaging
Troyer Farms Snack Foods - Packaging, Point-of-Purchase Display & Signage
Erie Federal Credit Union Advertisement
Alexander Technologies Advertisement
Brooks Meridian Logomark
Montie Builders Identity
Silanux Logomark
Pepsi Can Design, as showcased on
Voodoo Brewery Identity & Packaging
Scarlett's Garden Identity
Tommy Thayer of KISS - Official Identity Development, Website & Graphics - ┬ęTommy Thayer Online & MartinGroup Identity + Design, All Rights Reserved.
Torque Brand Identity & Product Packaging
Finish Thompson, Inc. Advertisement
Tommy Thayer of KISS, Official Merchandise Packaging sold during the 2008-2009 KISS ALIVE 35 Tour and via the website
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) - Promotional Materials & Website
Transitions Logomark
Hudson Park Advertisement
Troyer Farms Snack Foods - Website
Third River Partners Identity
Hyran Media Identity
Finish Thompson, Inc. Website
Talkive Identity System
Erie Federal Credit Union - Mortgage Program Campaign
SeaWolves Baseball Online Banner Advertisement Campaign
Yellow Jacket Product Promotion Sheet & Packaging
Don Lemmon Identity & Product Packaging
HomeMaid Clean Machine Product Packaging
Grifters Logomark
Keep in Touch Identity
Voodoo Studios Identity