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Client Experience

Client diversity: It's something we're proud of and see as a major advantage in working with us. It keeps us in touch with a multitude of audiences and our thinking fresh - but don't take our word for it,
our clients say it best...

01| "On behalf of all of us at ACS, I want to put on record that you have done an absolutely outstanding job. We are very appreciative and grateful."

- Robert Collins, CEO

03| "The great part of working with MartinGroup was the creative tension they created. There was a respectful push and pull throughout the process, and they would not accept ‘good enough’ from us.

MartinGroup truly wanted to pick apart every detail of the identity we were projecting. This was extremely important for us as we are still in our formative stages as a company. They helped us to not only build our identity system, but also to better define who we are as a company. MartinGroup has left an indelible mark on Comfort Care and Brookside Homes, and consequently the health care industry. I would recommend MartinGroup without hesitation."

- James Fetzner, CEO
Comfort Care Resources and Brookside Homes

04| "MartinGroup created a new website for my company, Moore Research Services, Inc. MartinGroup worked together as a team to provide us with a creative approach to the re-launch of our website.

They worked with us every step of the way to ensure our satisfaction. Together, they created a fresh, up-to-date look for our company. I have received numerous positive comments about the overall look and feel of the website. It gave my company the professional boost it needed. The MartinGroup team members are supportive, enthusiastic and solution-oriented individuals that I would highly recommend."

- Colleen Mezler PRC, President
Moore Research Services, Inc.

05| "I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how ecstatic I am about the work you have done for us, and continue to do for us. From initial identity design to our web presence, trade show materials, and product literature, your work is exceptional.

More importantly to me, is your ability to be flexible in working with the various personalities that make up our company, and your willingness to communicate with us throughout the design process. You have become an integral part of our marketing efforts due to your personal service and on-going ability to identify new opportunities to enhance our image and message in the marketplace.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your staff. Your work is first rate, and your attention to detail and your customers are second to none."

- Steve Rosen, VP Sales & Marketing
Kivlan Group, Inc.

06| "My experience with Eric Martin and MartinGroup has been fantastic to say the least. Proof is my website (, where you can get a glimpse of what MartinGroup does so well. Everytime we introduce new elements or graphics it far exceeds what I originally had in mind. The Martin Group are true winners, I'll use them everytime!"

- Tommy Thayer, Lead Guitarist

07| "It truly has been an honor working with MartinGroup. You have given us an incredible chance to not only receive your excellent assistance, but also to learn more first hand about the process of branding and the developmental stages. You have been an outstanding partner and friend to the SBDC.

I look forward to continuing our partnership."

- Debra L. Steiner, Director
Gannon University Small Business Development Center

08| "MartinGroup combines superb technical ability with excellent creativity. Their ads enhance the quality of our publications because they strive to produce the best ads possible. Our advertisers are from a variety of industries and geographic locations, and they create a distinct ad for each one. MartinGroup has the ability to understand what image a company wants to portray, and then goes beyond that."

- Jane Levesque, Editor
American Images Publishing

09| "I have been online since November of 1997. In those years I took pride in being my own webmaster and knowing not only what I wanted, but what my customers wanted was being tackled in-house. I shunned assistance from all angles and achieved my 50 millionth visitor before the 7th year while standing my ground.

In walks Eric Martin. He became the very first outside input I accepted. And for the first time in my career, I not only saw an unexpected rise in sales for that time of the year, but found more compliments for the new site look than I had in all the years combined!

Within months I decided to ask Eric Martin to redesign my product labels and that too caused a massive surge in customer referrals. Brand identity is everything and this gentleman knows the market.

MartinGroup, a thank you and a testimonial is hardly enough to show my appreciation. If someone I know needs what you offer, expect them to call you - even if I do the dialing."

- Don Lemmon
Celebrity Nutritionist and Author, #1 Nutritionist Online

10| "I would like to thank the MartinGroup for the excellent service and designs that have attracted strong response from the market and most importantly, helped us sell product!

During the past several years, the MartinGroup has been responsible for the development and preparation of most, if not all, of our marketing tools.

I can confidently recommend the MartinGroup and would be pleased to endorse their services to anyone. Always professional and always reliable."

- Brian Cullen, President
Finish Thompson, Inc.

11| Martingroup are first class, #1 guys to work with. I would do it again and again.

- Jaime St. James, Lead Singer

12| Working with MartinGroup has taken our business to the next level. We now have a business identity that sets us apart from our competition. MartinGroup took the time to identify what my target market is looking for in an insurance/investment consultantcy and carefully created a system that gets us noticed.

- Tim Warren, CEO
Warren & Associates