MartinGroup Identity + Design

Geometrics (San Jose, CA)

Since 1969, Geometrics has supplied the world with technologically-innovative geophysical instruments for land, marine, and airborne applications. Based in Northern California, the company serves global markets consisting of mineral, oil, and gas exploration; unexploded ordnance mapping; geotechnical engineering studies; and archaeology.

In 2009, the company was in need of updating a variety of out-dated, promotional materials. At which time, the decision was made to invest in a complete identity rejuvenation to more accurately represent the direction of the company within the industry and increase overall product awareness.

Geometrics turned to MartinGroup to develop a more modern and on-target brand identity system to integrate throughout various applications of the company, internally and externally.

Our first step was to evaluate existing brand assets, while gaining a greater understanding of where the company has been and where it was aspiring to go.


We conducted several forms of 'litmus tests', surveying Geometrics' clientele -- gathering comments and noting repetitive values. From this, we began to compile a series of keywords to generate company tagline and descriptive copy options. Our visual concepts are driven by the 'intelligence' we collect, to ensure that we capture the essence of the company's history, business philosophy and vision.

Once a set of branding guidelines have been established, we implement within and throughout all forms of the company's promotional items: advertisements, printed literature, tradeshow materials, website, web video/mulitimedia, to name a few.


Ongoing Results...

Through consistent and continual efforts, Geometrics has successfully re-established and strengthened its position in the market, even in this down economy. They have experienced an impressive 300% increase in web traffic (unique sessions) and web-based sales leads have doubled, placing them ahead of their projected forecast for fiscal 2010.

Unified consistency + a solid strategy provides the foundation of a company's brand.

"Your work is incredible! You have helped me to take a forty year old, internationally based company with minimal marketing prowess and increase its unique daily web sessions over 300% in less than a year, with sales leads, sales, and revenue increasing dramatically during the same time. Our integrated marketing strategy is working perfectly thanks to a large part, your efforts.

"As important, if not more, is the approach you take in working with your customers. Whether its a geophysicist with limited to no marketing experience or a new marketing director with an enormous task in front of them, your consistency in meeting time frames, willingness to work with us, and true desire to help us succeed is greatly appreciated. Thank you."

Steve Rosen
Marketing Director, Geometrics