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Comfort Care Resources, Inc.

Comfort Care Resources, Inc.

Long Term Care Provider uniquely positions itself amongst a crowded, competitive field.

Comfort Care Resources, Inc.
Project Overview
Comfort Care partners with families and clients to create individualized programs that will allow them to stay at home. Above all else, the company passionately honors the individual's wish to remain at home by empowering elders and their families through their services.

A very different type of long term care that required an identity and message that conveyed this uniqueness to their potential clients and broader community.

In the midst of developing its new strategic plan, Comfort Care management and the MartinGroup team worked closely to understand and help define their positioning strategy.

Brainstorming sessions with Comfort Care employees and meeting with existing clients in their homes helped to uncover the essence of what makes Comfort Care unique and such a valuable alternative for elders and their families.

Through this extraction process, MartinGroup created the visual and verbal identity that demonstrates to potential clients and the broader community, exactly who Comfort Care is and what they offer. We carried the new identity to the website, presentation materials and an advertising campaign— all under a tight deadline to coincide with Comfort Care’s expansion plans. We utilized our online project collaboration tool, which served as the “home” for all project work and communication. It functioned as a roadmap to efficiently accomplish all project milestones and allowed the Comfort Care team to review and provide input around their demanding schedules.

MartinGroup will provide ongoing creative and support services for Comfort Care as it further implements its strategic plan.

“MartinGroup truly wanted to pick apart every detail of the identity we were projecting. This was extremely important for us as we are still in our formative stages as a company.

They helped us to not only build our identity system, but also to better define who we are as a company. MartinGroup has left an indelible mark on Comfort Care.”

James P. Fetzner - CEO, Comfort Care Resources, Inc.