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Helping to keep business moving forward during COVID-19

Mar 23, 2020 | Posted in Newsroom

After the initial week of unknowns and confusion, we spent much of the past week helping clients get their operational messaging out to customers and helping to plan, "what's next?"

With some states having mandated closure of businesses, we're finding that several of our clients (those deemed essential to remain open), are operating with only 50% of their employees. In some cases outside agencies are not in regular operation, leaving companies without marketing and creative support, altogether.

We are fortunate, in that MartinGroup is uniquely positioned. Being a collaborative-based company with affiliates operating in remote locations, social distancing is not an issue. We have full access to most everything needed to continue our workflow in assisting those preparing for when business resumes to full capacity. While it's anything but "business as usual," we are doing our best in remaining positive and helping others build momentum in moving forth for our future.

We're extending assistance with anything that might help to keep your businesses on track, balance workloads and promotional projects in motion. We are here and are able to operate to serve a role in keeping businesses going.

We're ALL hopeful this is a mere pause in time for our world and will be back to business as usual, very soon.

Stay safe and be well.

— Eric Martin, MartinGroup Identity + Design