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Visit to the KISS Coffeehouse

Aug 30, 2008 | Posted in Newsroom

The legendary rock band KISS (celebrating 35 years) have proven they are masters of capitalizing on their brand. From action figures to baby bibs, you can find their trademark on just about anything and everything. That includes a KISS-branded coffeehouse, opened in 2006 in Myrtle Beach, SC (Broadway at the Beach - Celebrity Square).

KISS Coffeehouse

KISS Coffeehouse, Myrtle Beach, SC

The Coffeehouse is easily recognized from a distance: you can't miss the giant, smoking boots and KISS-themed exterior. Inside, there are displays showcasing one of Gene Simmons' stage outfits, Paul Stanley's 'smashed' end-of-the-show guitar and a myriad of other KISS collectible eye candy.

Recently, I met with the coffeehouse management and staff in preparation for their 2nd Anniversary Party in September. A full day of events are planned, including special guest, Tommy Thayer (lead guitarist of KISS) and a unique opportunity to "Sing with KISS" on-stage at Celebrity Square.

Oh, in case you were wondering, what might one expect to order at such a place? Why a Frozen Rockuccino, of course! (They're actually not bad either!)

My thanks to the Coffeehouse Team! - Eric Martin

KISS Coffeehouse

Eric Martin with KISS Coffeehouse night crew

KISS Coffeehouse

Tommy Thayer of KISS and tribute band, 'KISSIN' Time