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Eric Martin, Principal and Creative Director of MartinGroup Identity + Design

Eric Martin, Principal and Creative Director

MartinGroup is an award winning, independent brand identity and strategic design company specializing in the creation of strong identities and complete brand experiences. We are a collaboration of creative professionals that strive to produce dynamic results. We are global in scope and are diverse in the industries and types of organizations we work with.

MartinGroup creates and rejuvenates the identities for both newly established and existing organizations. We define Identity as the outward expression and unique characteristics of the company’s values, messaging, personality and promise to its customers. Identity is the footprint by which the market establishes the organization’s brand.

MartinGroup has two core principles:

1. People only notice what’s different. Simply stated, we help our clients get noticed - separating them from the crowd, while making sure their customers understand who they are and what they offer.

2. Your brand is not what you say it is, it's what your customer says it is. What do we mean by the term brand? It is the "gut feeling" a person gets when they see or hear the name of a product, service or company. It's the power of recollection and reason you're driven in choosing one over another. It's the like-ability factor or comfort level. It's the perceived value and it's what gives you the edge over the competition.

How do we create your identity and solidify your brand?

By first listening and then asking the right questions. We have the innate ability to extract concepts and physically bring them to life. We possess the discipline and professional experience to weigh those concepts against prevailing competition and the needs of your market to truly create uniqueness and differentiation.

Through these processes and by applying our creative assets, we are able to define and develop a unique brand perspective for each of our clients to promote themselves and/or their products.

What comes next?

Be it a website, literature, trade show or complete promotional campaigns, MartinGroup has the ability to develop a unique, unified brand experience across all of our client’s applications.

Working together.

MartinGroup utilizes our online collaboration tool to manage projects, offering a unique and simple way for clients to track and participate in the critical phases of our project work, 24/7. This allows for a high level of efficiency and the ability to work with clients in diverse locations around the country and the world.

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